The Game has been a loyal defender of all things Nipsey Hussle since the Crenshaw rapper was pronounced dead less than a month ago. He was after all the individual who dug up the video of the two alleged LAPD officers talking down on Nipsey's officers. The recording was in itself inconclusive, but that didn't prevent the Compton from going public with for reforms in the dept. 

With all that said, The Game figures among the most faithful subjects to Nipsey's undying legacy. When you've got Snoop Dogg posting Nips-related memorandums on a daily basis, the impetus to be creative takes on a whole other meaning. Rick Ross memorialized the late rapper with body art, as did Russ, Roddy Ricch and countless others. Then Rozay had the elevators in his estate varnished with Nipsey's face (up above). 

The Game's gesture is unlike all others I just described, but not because it lacks in permanence. As recounted by DJ Akademiks, The Game just had the plates on his blue Lambo changed to read "RIP NIP." While it must seem like a meaningless to the common person, consider this: The Game and Nipsey stood at opposing ends of Piru-Crip feudalism, and the Lamborghini is painted in the colors of Nip's unbreakable oath.