As we continue to anticipate what Kanye West's new music may sound like, we've received few details along the way. The rapper has confirmed that new music is on the way, and we've heard from The-Dream also that he's working on the top-secret project, however it doesn't get much more detailed than that.

Now production duo The Heatmakerz have added to the anticipation, confirming they've recorded something for the untitled LP. Rsonist, of the Heatmakerz, spoke to MTV News on the sound of the new record, "I got a record on Kanye's new project that I guess he's been working on for a minute now." He continued, "Anybody that's familiar with Heatmakerz, it's old-school, epic Heatmakerz, like soul music at its best. Kanye reached out to us because he wanted that old Heatmakerz sound."

'Ye is known for changing up his style of music and evolving from album-to-album, so there's no way of knowing what direction the rapper is taking with this upcoming album. However, Rsonist says that their particular record together, at least, will have that old-school Yeezy feel to it. "We all came up together during the whole Jay-Z Roc-A-Fella era and all that so yeah, it's typical Heatmakerz," Rsonist described. "Old-school soul music. It's dope."