Bird Box may seem absurd to those who haven't seen it. Especially if you look around the internet and see thousands people posting videos of themselves walking around blindfolded, walking into walls or even worse, walking their babies into walls:

There's also the fact that, as the top commenter on the movie's trailer put it, "everyone that’s blind is like lol y’all soft."

Despite all this, people are so obsessed with the film that many have actually gone on pilgrimages to Monrovia, California, the location of the house in the movie, to take pictures. Who needs to climb up the stairs to a church on your knees when you can climb up the stone steps to a house that was featured in a movie while wearing a blindfold?

The owner, apparently, doesn't mind all the attention, as all the visitors have been polite enough not to intrude too much on the premises (some even went up and knocked on the door to ask permission for their photos), even though there are a handful of the visitors every day (including Christmas). The homeowner's attitude does make sense, in the end, when you consider how much she got paid for some exterior shots: $12,000.