The Internet Are Bestest Buds In Endearing "La Di Da" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
July 23, 2018 16:44

The Internet put camaraderie at the forefront of "La Di Da."

Never one to shy away from innovative visuals, The Internet have come through with a new clip for "La Di Da." Eschewing the prototypical hip-hop hallmarks, the Los Angeles based band opt to take a foray into the wild frontier. During the opening half, The Internet come together for a road-trip, cruising alongside forested highways and solitary rest stops. What really sets this one apart is the sheer, carefree camaraderie on display between band-mates; as they say, the bond between a band can equal that of a loved one. 

Around the halfway point, "La Di Da" takes a marked turn, as the visuals proceed to mirror the stripped down vibe of the music. Trading in the natural setting for an all-black studio, neon color filters and close-ups of lead vocalist Syd. Should you buy what the group is selling, take a break from bumping Hive Mind and peep this one now. 

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