Loon recently was released from prison, after serving almost a decade behind bars. The former Bad Boy artist, who changed his name to Amir Junaid Muhadith while locked up, was released from a Florida correctional facility last Thursday. Celebrating his release, Loon went out with some of his friends, including Akon's business-partner and brother Abou "Bu" Thiam. Loon, Bu, and others posted up alongside a Roll Royce in a picture uploaded to Instagram. The crew looks content with their night, and Shaderoom went ahead and reposted the picture.

Diddy, the mogul and superstar, decided to write a comment on the Shaderoom post. "God is great. Welcome home," Diddy wrote. "Get at me king. Love." Of course, you can't be someone like Diddy and not expect there to be backlash on every little thing you do. Fans hopped on Twitter to drag Diddy for numerous reasons. Some trolls tried to understand why Diddy would leave a comment on the Shaderoom page instead of reaching out to his former artist personally. Others thought that Diddy's intention to link with someone he allegedly didn't support after years in jail was trifling. How do you feel about the situation?