The talented neo-soul band The Internet stopped by Sway's Universe on Thursday (May 17) and opened up about crafting music and the meaning behind their upcoming album, Hive Mind. 

"The album is coming out July 20th, and it's called 'Hive Mind,'" begins Sway before admitting that he needs an explanation for the title. "If you Google what 'Hive Mind' means, it's basically just a collective ego, a collective mind, you know, when people are together they have a collective mindset and I think that when we're together we all have a common goal," reveals group member Matt Martians. "And the internet is a hive mind of information, the actual internet, so it kinda has multiple reasons."

"You know what's funny, I got it from Marvel Comics, so it's not really that deep. It like a group in the comic books that are like collective psychics that are super powerful when they're together," Martians continued. "Let's work Marvel," adds Syd, the lead singer with the silky and seductive vocals.

As a collective, The Internet's last album Ego Death dropped in 2015. The group members have spent the last year working on solo material, but we're excited to have them back as the leading funk/R&B/neo-soul group of this generation.