Syd and her backing band that forms The Internet recently dropped off their new track "Come Over" that reminds us of how damn good they are at making music. The new beat comes off their upcoming album Hive Mind that arrives on July 20th. Before the tape is here in full, Syd recently chopped it up with Billboard to play a game of “First, Best, Last, Worst."

For 'First' the 26-year-old recalls her first time being starstruck and it was when she met Andre 3000. For her 'Best' she's asked to pick her best karaoke number, but admits she's never done it before - “I’m nervous singing around people,” she says. For her 'Last" she cites the last album she listened to that was Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little PillAnd finally, for 'Worst' she explains a date she went on that found herself at a gun range. 

“It’s not her fault,” Syd says of the date. “It was my first time at a gun range – and hers – and it wasn’t her fault it was the worst date ever. It was just the gun range. I learned that I don’t like guns…I can shoot them, I don’t like being in a room full of people with guns.

Watch the full clip below.