DC Comics and Warner Bros. are up to something here. They have decided to create a standalone origin movie for The Joker that doesn't exist in their already established DCEU that includes Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman. Fans are theorizing that DC is attempting to create a second movie universe, and may even pull off a Crisis on Infinite Earths story (pure speculation). 

While fans build their theories on what will happen with the DCEU, Joaquin Phoenix is busy shooting the yet-to-be-titled Joker film. Director Todd Phillips has already blessed fans with behind the scenes footage from the set, which has given the world a first glimpse of Phoenix in a new Joker costume. Now, a set photo of the fresh-faced Phoenix and Zazie Beetz has appeared online. 

Beetz is set to play Sophie Dumond in the film, who has been described as a pessimistic single mother who lives in Manhattan. She was speculated to play Joker's love interest, and the new set photo seem to verify that rumor. Beetz and Phoenix are sitting a diner table in the new picture, with the latter wearing what appears to be a portion of his Joker costume. Raindrops cover the window of the diner as Beetz smokes a cigarette.