It has now been a week since Warner Bros. has released the highly-anticipated Joker movie. And while the premiere reflected great success, it appears the winning streak continues. According to Variety, the villain-focused film has garnered another $17 million dollars in domestic box office sales during its second Friday in theatres. The estimated digits tied to the movie are expecting roughly $50 million dollars more in total for the second week. These estimates follow the film's smashing $96 million dollar box office debut. Despite the arrival of Will Smith's Gemini Man and the iconic revival of The Addams Family, the Joker is still doing pretty well number-wise. If things go as expected, the movie will have crossed the mark of $185 million dollars in total domestic sales this weekend. 

Other than that, The Addams Family is also doing well at the second spot and the reimagined tale garnered a sweet $9.7 million dollars in domestic box office sales from a total of 4007 different locations. Should it continue doing well, estimates expect the film to rack in $33 million dollars total this weekend. Gemini Man comes last in the third spot with a $7.4 million dollar opening. Though it is expected to make $20 million this weekend, a number slightly below earlier estimates of $24 million.