Earlier today Nicki Minaj and her ex-mans Safaree Samuels exchanged some serious words on Twitter. He came at her exposing how she tried to kill him and how he "had to lie" to the cops and say he tried to kill himself so they wouldn't take Nicki to jail. She clapped back exposing his hair plugs, details of his shower nudes and how he sent emails about needing help with his bills.

Among all the banter and more, Maury Povich is now here to save the day by offering to help the exes settle their hate with his beloved lie detector. "You are making me dizzy with all this back and forth. The only way you are going to solve this beef is to let me hook you up to my lie detector test," he tweeted. 

We think it's safe to say Nicki and Safaree will probably not be taking him up on his offer, but it's definitely worth the shot. Maury and DJ Akademiks have previously agreed to collaborate so Maury is not going anywhere.