Summertime is meant for beaches, pool parties, tanning, vacations, flings, friends, and most importantly, taking a mental break. Even if you're an adult, and Summer is just another three months in the working year, there's still an undeniable allure. Maybe it's because all the people who actually stuck to their New Year's resolutions to get in the gym are out and about looking gorgeous. Maybe it's because margaritas are frozen and children are running the street with no curfews. Then again, it could be the blockbuster movies that tend to reign over the Summer box office. For me, it will be the return of a few shows.

Summer 2018 has plenty to offer when it comes to returning shows. Most notably, Power is returning to Starz, with Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan set to team up to avenge the death of Raina. Marvel is bringing Luke Cage back for a second season, where Luke will meet his match against a mysterious enemy called Bushmaster, who seems to have the same powers as our hero. The superhero series isn't all that Netflix has to offer this Summer though, as Orange is the New Black is also set to return. 

Comedic genius Issa Rae will be heading back to HBO for a third season of her breakout series Insecure, while the Home Box Office network will also welcome back Dwayne Johnson's Ballers for another season of testosterone-fueled mayhem. Rather than going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather, these shows will give you an excuse to stay inside, where there's air conditioning and microwavable dinners.