Remember HBO's 2015 documentary The Jinx? The explosive six-part miniseries led to the arrest of its subject, New York real estate heir Robert Durst, before the finale even aired. It now looks like art will bleed into life once again with the assassination of Malcolm X following Netflix's new docuseries Who Killed Malcolm X?

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Reports from CNN and other outlets claim the doc has inspired the Manhattan district attorney's office to reevaluate the case following new information revealed in the six-part series. Historian and activist Abdur-Rahman Muhammad spearheaded this journey into justice, starting from asking the proper questions to even working on clearing the names of those originally convicted of the crime. The latter portion is getting help from the Innocence Project, a non-profit dedicated to exonerating wrongly convicted people, which is currently partnering with the Manhattan D.A.'s office.

Here's the official statement from the DA office, via CNN:

"District Attorney Vance has met with representatives from the Innocence Project and associated counsel regarding this matter," Manhattan DA spokesman Danny Frost said in a statement. "He has determined that the district attorney's office will begin a preliminary review of the matter, which will inform the office regarding what further investigative steps may be undertaken."

Speaking on behalf of Muhammad Abdul Aziz, one of the men convicted back in 1966 along with Khalil Islam and main suspect Mujahid Abdul Halim, The Innocence Project showed gratitude to the district attorney with the following statement from co-founder Barry Scheck: "Given the historical importance of this case and the fact that our client is 81 years old, we are especially encouraged that Mr. Vance has assigned two highly respected prosecutors, Peter Casolaro and Charles King, to work on this re-investigation." 

Watch the trailer for Who Killed Malcolm X? below, and watch the full series right now over on Netflix: