Pictures we saw left us dead on the floor: Blac Chyna on the beach 'mood single' with a flat stomach. What part don't you fashion or care for? Blac Chyna kind of unknowingly stands up for the democratic nature of the web, up until moments like this. She may have been hacked by Internet vigilantes plotting an embarrassing score.

It appears her "Instagram" account may have been compromised by hackers. If not for that, the following posts are hard to decode or take at face value. The two posts, which paint her romantic feelings as mercurial at best, have since been deleted. The first post demonstrates her affection for boyfriend YBN Jay Almighty with a picture of his likeness.

The next post is far more adventurous. The post contains a photo of Almighty's friend YBN Nahmir pointing a finger gun to his head as he clutches a full bottle of Henny. Underneath the photo the ominous caption reads "mood single." Blac Chyna updated the post by insinuating she was hacked before deleting it altogether. Both posts conjure up conflicting reports on the nature of their 10 year age difference. The second post is best explained by YBN Nahmir's interview quotables regarding his friend's dating exploits. He told Hot 97 Blac Chyna "could be the home girl but me, n**** never," before condoning freedom of expression. Diversify your passcodes, these here parts are testy.