Between the imminent arrival of Game Of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame, the month of April is about to have those of a geekish persuasion both celebrating and mourning in equal measure. With the conclusive chapter of the acclaimed Avengers saga set to drop on April 26th, Marvel has come through and delivered what may very well be the film's final trailer. Once again kicking off with Tony Stark's space diaries, the trailer proceeds to highlight the survivor's pasts, including a deeper look at Hawkeye slash Ronin; expect plenty of tragedy to befall the team's clutch archer.

 Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

At this point, the stage has already been set, and it's hard to imagine the hype increasing any further. Yet we do get a bit more footage, particularly of Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Nebula in action. There's even a brief scene involving newcomer Captain Marvel, who appears to be cultivating some mutual respect with Thor. Unfortunately for plans of Big Purp aka The Almighty Thanos, the "Mad Titan" is sitting this one out. I suppose his story developments are too spoiler-heavy to reveal.

Either way, Endgame will surely break records and hearts. Check out the (possibly final) trailer below.