The completely transparent marketing strategy behind Once Upon A Deadpool is what makes the PG-13 remake of Deadpool 2 palatable at all for the cynical moviegoers and comicbooks fans of the world. Today, Ryan Reynolds and Fred Savage have either taken the transparency and self-reference to another level with the new "Savage Question" trailer. 

Fred Savage is famous, pretty much exclusively, for being the sick kid in bed who nags his grandfather with questions in The Princess Bride. In the new Deadpool, he revisits that character (as an unwilling captive of Deadpool's) to frame the child-appropriate retelling of the film's plot or, as the first trailer put it, to filter it "through the prism of childlike innocence."

The new trailer has Fred asking a set of rapid-fire questions to Deadpool in a parody of the way children constantly repeat "why?" (as he did in The Princess Bride). Here, though, he's a middle-aged man tied to a bed, which serves to underscore the absurdity of the whole endeavour of this whole movie, with a wink. As Deadpool says: "I'm not sure this level of curiosity is cute from a middle-aged man strapped to a bed against his will."

Watch the trailer below: