The legacy of Bad Boy is often defined by Biggie's short reign in the rap industry. Although the label has gone on to produce a ton of incredibly massive hits, Diddy and Biggie set a standard that was incredibly difficult to live up to -- for any artist. That being said, if you manage to get your hands on any sort of memorabilia from that era, it's bound to be worth a lot. According to TMZ, a poster of Diddy and Biggie's Vibe Magazine cover is up for sale but it has a very unique story behind it, besides the fact that both Diddy and Biggie autographed the poster.

Moments In Time are the ones brokering this poster which is going for $54K right now. It's the cover from September 1996 but Biggie and Diddy signed it on Match 8th, 1997 -- the night Biggie was gunned down. Quincy Jones was hosting a Vibe Magazine industry that same night in Los Angeles. Apparently, Jones brought the poster, which is 2-feet by 3 feet, to the party in order to get it signed from Biggie and Puffy. The part was shut down and hours later, Biggie was shot in a drive-by.

Quincy Jones' son is selling the poster now for $54K and includes the rapper's travel itinerary and the invitation to the Quincy Jones-hosted party.