We recently reported on The Office being pulled away from Netflix in 2021. With the rise and popularity of streaming services, it's no surprise that in such a competitive climate, other networks would be doing everything in their power to create streaming services that set them apart from one another. As such, Netflix announced that it would be pulling away every season of The Office from its platforms as NBC preps to launch its own streaming service. The news deeply saddened the fans who chose to take matters into their own hands by starting a petition. We've previously seen this with Game of Thrones when disappointed fans asked for the final season of the series to be entirely remade. Although their chants were dismissed, there is ever any harm in at least trying.

According to Complex, the petition was first launched on Tuesday and called for NBC to allow The Office to remain on Netflix indefinitely. Universal Television reportedly held an auction wherein NBC Universal won The Office against Netflix, despite the streaming giant's $90 million dollar/a year offer to keep it for five extra years. Moreover, Hulu, Amazon, and Apple have also taken meetings to acquire the streaming rights to their original shows. Hence the competition definitely continues to stiffen. We shall see how far this petition will take them.