Even though the live-action adaptation of anime classic Ghost In The Shell is coming out this spring, Funimation Films is bringing the original to US theaters ahead of Scarlett Johansson-starring redux. Could this be because the movie studios behind the live action version are afraid not enough Americans are familiar with the film its based on? Perhaps, but we aren’t complaining either way.

The original Ghost In The Shell will be airing in 110 movie theaters around the country on February 7 and 8. Funimation clearly knows what anime fans like, as they’re offering both the subtitled version with Japanese dialogue and an English dubbed version on the consecutive nights.

Peep a quick trailer for the upcoming US theater run below, and check out Funimations’s website for a list of participating theaters.

The live-action Ghost In The Shell hits theaters on March 31. Will you be seeing both, just one, or neither?