Ever since the early millennium when Microsoft's Xbox first entered the fold, gamers found themselves embroiled within a playful (and sometimes unnecessarily heated) rivalry. Naturally, those loyal to Sony and the Playstation console would forever attest to its value as the superior machine, especially when the exclusive titles are thrown into the fold. And yet Xbox remained a contender, boasting a few beloved franchises and exclusives like Halo, Gears Of War, and cult classic Alan Wake. Generations later the rivalry continues, with Sony readying the PS5 and Xbox lining up the Xbox Scarlett for 2020. But who will hold the upper hand?

According to a report from Hypebeast, Sony may very well edge out its competitor in one integral department: speed. Citing a job application for Sony's "Senior Cloud Engineering Manager," the report claims PS5 will be the “world’s fastest console.” While this might just be a simple act of playful hyperbole, it's hardly outside the realm of possibility. After all, Sony will be bringing a Solid State Drive into the fold for the first time, which will essentially render load times a thing of the past

Expect big things to come from the next generation of consoles. But expect them to come slightly faster on Sony's new machine.