A video of Inglewood rapper Isa Muhammad went viral when he stopped Rick Ross on the street to give him a sample of his rap skills. In the clip, which is approaching 2 million views on YouTube, Ross is visibly impressed, apparently enough to sign the Cali rapper, who announced his deal with MMG on Instagram Tuesday. Isa has been building a regional buzz over the summer, but was homeless only a few years back. He shared some plans based on this new opportunity on Instagram, stressing that his message is to "uplift the people."

Ross shared the following statement on the signing in a press release.

This was something that I wasn’t expecting.This kid gave me his heart when he was spitting and the internet got a hold of the video I put up on my snapchat. I wanted to give an opportunity for someone else to be put on – I know so many people in his same position. MMG is about giving back and pushing the culture forward by finding new and real talent. Isa Muhammad will reflect quality rap music and MMG is going to make sure of that.