Throughout the course of its thirty-season run, the "Treehouse Of Horror" Halloween Episodes have been a high point of The Simpsons. Though current installments pale in comparison to the prime run, "Treehouse" has been relatively consistent in bringing spooky takes on pop culture favorites into the fore. For this year, The Simpsons will be taking on Stranger Things and The Shape Of Water, all on the 666th episode of the series. 

Check out the poster below, which finds Lisa Simpson stepping into the role of Eleven, with Chief Wiggum as Hopper, Ms. Van Houten as Joyce, and Bart, Nelson, Martin, and Milhouse as the boys. At the top finds Selma Bouvier wrapped in a passionate embrace with Kang (or is it Kodos?), a mirror shot of Guillermo Del Toro's Oscar Winning Shape Of Water. And from the look of it, Homer appears to have a monkey-mirror, no doubt the product of some devious series of events.

Expect this one to surface come Halloween, in keeping with tradition. Treehouse Of Horror have often brought a hint of gleeful macabre into The Simpsons, and we can only hope this year's premise doesn't stray too far from the path. Anyone still watching the record-breaking series?