Fans of the HBO cult classic The Sopranos were thrilled to learn that a prequel film titled The Many Saints of Newark would be arriving soon. The original release date of the film was intended to be September 25th of last year, but the coronavirus pandemic quickly soiled those plans. The roll-out of numerous big-budget Hollywood productions was paused and last month it was announced the film would instead be released in March of this year. Once again, the pandemic made that impossible as the second wave of the virus sweeps through the country. 

Now expected to open in the fall, the new official release date of The Many Saints of Newark is September 24th, 2021. 

The son of the late James Gandolfini, who played the lead role of Tony Soprano on the HBO series, posted the following on Instagram this week: “Rival gangsters, the Newark riots, and a ton of gabagool will be delivered directly to theaters and @hbomax. The wait will be worth it. Love y’all.”

For diehard fans of the series, the wait is nothing new. HBO often took lengthy breaks in between seasons for filming. The film was shot partially in Newark and it follows the DiMeo crime family as they sprawl with rival gangs in the Jersey streets. Young Tony Soprano will fittingly be played by Michael Gandolfini. 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It also stars Leslie Odom Jr., Jon Bernthal, Corey Stoll, Alessandro Nivola, Billy Magnussen, John Magaro, Michela De Rossi, Ray Liotta and Vera Farmiga. Will you be tuning into the film when it opens in the fall? Let us know down in the comments.