A new pattern seems to be emerging, whereupon beloved and acclaimed television series expand their narratives with an additional movie. Breaking Bad is doing it. Walking Dead is doing it (thrice). Deadwood is en route. HBO's The Sopranos is doing it, with their prequel film Newark. Now, fans have been given a general idea as to when we can expect the upcoming tale to unfold.

As it happens, the film has been retitled from its original title of The Many Saints Of Newark and granted an autumn 2020 release. While that may seem like a long ways away, consider that the minds behind The Sopranos have yet to steer off course, insofar as quality is concerned; for now, it remains in Chase we trust.

Image via HBO/Getty Images

The film will be brought to life by series creator David Chase and director Alan Taylor, who has helmed several Sopranos episodes in the past. Newark made headlines when it cast James Gandolfini's son Michael to play a young Tony, with Michael G having apparently mastered his father's mannerisms. Also starring are Ray Liotta, Jon Bernthal, Vera Farmiga, and Alessandro Nivola. Will you be tuning in when this drops in a few years? In the meantime, how about you rewatch the series, capiche?