TV Dramas thrive on just that, drama, and The Walking Dead is no exception. Although it's no Game Of Thrones, the show has some deaths, many of which seem a bit cruel for the poor viewers who've become attached to people like Glenn, the pizza delivery boy turned television hero who broke so many hearts when he got his head smashed in with a baseball bat. 

The new death that's being teased in the latest episode of The Walking Dead is one that only reveals itself after a careful comparison with the comics. The opening of the episode has Rosita Espinosa running through the forest, looking battered, bruised and scared. From who, we don't know because we can't quite see them, but from offscreen we hear the signature whispers of The Whisperers who are the ones who kill Rosita in the comics. Being killed by a human dressed up in a zombie skin-suit would be just about the worst way to go, especially considering they place the heads of their victims on stakes to construct a border for their territory. 

For those of you who are already mourning the death of Rosita, the death of the violin in the same episode that foretold her demise and the nearing end of the show, rest easy in knowing that there'll be at least a couple movies to satisfy your zombie cravings in the years to come.