The Weeknd recently celebrated the five-year anniversary of his Kiss Land project, releasing an exclusive collection of merchandise on his website. That wasn't the only thing he was celebrating though as recently, the artist got back together with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Bella Hadid. The two reunited at the Cannes Film Festival after spending some time apart and while they tried to go their separate ways by dating other people, they ended up right back in each other's arms. The two were photographed together at the end of August and once again, the paparazzi caught up with them during New York Fashion Week to document their ice cream date.

Imagine having people follow you around and take pictures when you're trying to enjoy some time with your loved ones... it must get pretty tiring. However, Abel and Bella ignored the photographers and went on with their night, enjoying some ice cream after dining at a local pizza place in NYC. Considering her profession as a model, it makes sense that Hadid would be in New York at this time of the year and with so much drama happening at the events, especially between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, they must be happy they're not necessarily the main attraction. Their reunion is big news but there was some crazy stuff that happened over the weekend to deter the photogs for at least a few days. Daily Mail eventually caught up with them, giving the gossip fiends their fix.

Check out photos of the two below. Hopefully, she's inspiring some new music out of Abel.