The evidence that R&B superstar The Weeknd and supermodel Bella Hadid are back together continues to mount, to the point where its uncertain why they're even bothering to hide it anymore.

As reported by The Daily Mail, The Weeknd and Hadid were spotted together in Paris, enjoying a fancy meal at The Bistrologist, where they might have ordered the "Thon Aller-Retour Au Sésame" or the "Tartare De Boeuf Au Couteau." Hadid was wearing an oversized red blazer with a matching skirt, as well as some coke-white Air Force 1's, while The Weeknd was rocking the goth boy look of black on black. 

This isn't close to the first time that these two have been spotted together. It was less than a month ago where the two were seen getting very, very close with each other at an after party for the Cannes Film Festival. The two were seen sharing a much deeper kiss than you'd normally feel comfortable doing with someone who was just a friend, but still no official word from either of them about their reunion.

At the very least, it's now certain that Bella isn't trying to get with rapper Kyle behind The Weeknd's back. When it was revealed that the two had exchanged numbers, Kyle explained that it was simply a result of them being from the same hometown, and expressing an interest in helping their community recover from destructive fires.

It seems that for the time being, The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are comfortable continuing to fuel the rumor mill.