The Weeknd has once again emerged into the gloaming, groundhog-esque, to bring good tidings to the people. Last night, the melancholic singer announced that work on his upcoming Chapter 6 (to be fair, The Weeknd has referred to his albums as "chapters" in the past) has begun. During the same announcement, Abel reveals that he has been hunkering down in the six, drawing inspiration from his home base. As the formally untitled project remains in the "coming soon stages," every minute detail feels like a new discovery. As such, what are we to discern from a picture of Gunna and Weeknd, if not a potential collaboration? 

"Me & @theweeknd in Canada," writes Gunna, posted up alongside the Northern star. One has to wonder if the man has indulged in the finest legal weed the Canadian government has to offer. Either way, the pair seem a likely creative match, given their shared penchant for melody. It wouldn't be surprising to see the duo hit it off in the studio, and a Gunna/Weeknd collaboration would be a welcome addition to whatever Chapter 6 might bring to the table.