The Weeknd's fans are convinced he's taking shots at Drake in a recent guest spot on Gesaffelstein's "Lost in the Fire." The lyrics in question speak to The Weeknd's desire to bear a child under the right circumstances. He sings, "And I just want a baby with the right one, 'cause I could never be the one to hide one," leading fans to suggest Bella Hadid is "the right one," and Drake's Adonis is the hidden child, elicited in the song. 

Unless you were comatose for much of 2018, you were certainly made aware of Drake's "love child" with a French painter/model, an elusive figure put to use by Pusha-T at the most convenient time. With her child's identity fully-uncovered, Brussaux was forced into a binding position.

But like all things media-related, the public's obsession with her child's identity would soon blow over, with a "newer" headline ushered in its place. The Weeknd's possible quip would make it, the first mention of Adonis in quite some time. This is what Tweeters have deduced from the lyrics, within hours of the song's unveiling.

For the record, Drake contends that he was never withholding his child from the public, but rather "the world from my kid." Besides, there is very little substantial evidence pointing to real animosity between Drake and The Weeknd, even in quietest moments, when both men are left in charge of home base.