It seems that rain wasn't the only thing that The Weeknd was dodging during his recent string of performances in Mexico because a new video suggests he also fell victim to some malfunctioning stage equipment. We previously showed you a video of the performer braving the rain as he set out to give the fans what they paid for. At the end of the show, his clothes were probably drenched but it turns out he's lucky to have not suffered any injuries either.

A new video from TMZ suggests that during the same performance in Mexico, Abel was nearly hit when a piece of his stage came tumbling down. We've all seen and heard the horror stories of stages collapsing, seriously injuring performers and their fans. Thankfully, nothing happened of that sort during Weeknd's run down South but it seems part of his stage malfunctioned, nearly hitting him as he sang "Party Monster" to a crowd of excited concertgoers. Considering it was pouring rain and very windy during the show, the stage malfunction may be blamed on weather conditions. Abel seriously handled it like a champ though. It's unclear if he even noticed that the equipment had fallen and, if he did, he didn't react in the slightest.

Watch the video below.