The Weeknd took part in the performance of his lifetime on Sunday night, stealing the show at the Super Bowl Halftime. He performed some of his biggest songs ever, including "Starboy", "Blinding Lights", and more, in what some people are calling the best Halftime Show in a long time. Of course, the feeling of performing such a big show doesn't just wear off. The Weeknd will likely be reeling for a few days, at the very least.

This morning, the Toronto native woke up and smelled his roses, taking in all of the support he's been seeing on social media and issuing a statement about his performance.

"still buzzing from last night. i couldn’t stop smiling the whole performance," said the world-class recording artist on Instagram. "thank you @pepsi @NFL @RocNation for believing in me to bring a fresh new take on the halftime show. XO we did it !"

As The Weeknd says, his Super Bowl Halftime performance was much different than anything we had seen previously. It was much more tailormade for the at-home audience, with shots of The Weeknd in a hall-of-mirrors type room backstage before being joined on the field by his dozens of dancers. 

Following the show, The Weeknd was met by Lil Uzi Vert and NAV, who both watched the game with Abel's manager from a box. 

If you missed it, watch The Weeknd's full performance below. What did you think about it?