The Weeknd has quickly become one of the biggest artists in the world and considering his international fame and appeal, it shouldn't be surprising that he is going to be the performer for this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. Of course, this year will be very different as there won't be many fans to help add to the performance. However, The Weeknd has vowed to make the performance special as he is pouring $7 million of his own money into the show.

As a way to tease people about the performance, The Weeknd decided to release a quick one-minute ad that is called "The Last Meal Before The Super Bowl." In this commercial, the artist can be seen sitting in the middle of a football field surrounding by a ton of food and an umbrella over his head. Eventually, footballs begin to fall on his head, although he remains unbothered throughout.

Yesterday, Abel got to take part in a press conference where he fielded questions about the performance. The Weeknd was even asked if his performance would be family-friendly, which led to an interesting answer.

“I definitely want to be respectful to the viewers at home,” he said. “I will still incorporate some of the storyline [from the videos]—it’s a very cohesive story I’m telling throughout this year, so the story will continue, but we definitely will keep it PG for the families. I’ll do my best.”

Both the performance and the game itself are gearing up to be a lot of fun, so be sure to catch it on Sunday as the action kicks off at 6 PM EST.