It was revealed last year that The Weeknd would somehow be involved in the creation of Adam Sandler's upcoming flick Uncut Gems. After several months had gone by, his role in the movie was determined to include his official on-screen debutSandler has offered serious praise to the recording artist and, soon enough, we'll all be able to check out The Weeknd's movie debut in theaters. Uncut Gems impacts the world on December 25 but the press got to catch it early at an exclusive premiere event in Los Angeles last night. Reviews of the film are coming in strong but a large number of folks are commenting on The Weeknd's look at the premiere, remarking that he resembled somebody from straight out of a different era.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Abel Tesfaye debuted his new style a few months ago, sporting a goofy mustache and a short afro at a different event. Last night, he was joined by Sandler and a bunch of his famous friends, including Young Thug, Gunna, Metro Boomin, and more. Fans were fiending for some more photos of his suited-up attire from last night but his critics are speaking on what's going on up top. The dark red shades coupled with his porn stache and that hair is so 70s that it seriously looks as though homeboy teleported from a different era just to make the film's premiere.

What do you think of The Weeknd's look? The singer is no stranger to polarizing hairstyles but this is bold, even for him.

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