On a sleepy, relatively quiet Friday last week, The Weeknd delivered Starboy. Early reviews, and general impressions of the album are extremely favorable. Although The Weeknd has never really had an unsuccessful studio album, Starboy is looking like it might be his most successful yet, at least from an audio perspective-- the projected numbers might not actually surpass his last release, Beauty Behind the Madness.

Starboy is lengthy, at 18 tracks, Apple Music actually dubs it a "double album" although it wasn't touted as such prior to the release. It's a feat to keep the listener hooked all the way through 18 records, but Abel manages it-- hinging the album on love found, love lost, random lovers, drug-fueled nights, fame, and everything that comes in between these topics. There's a sense of familiarity to his Trilogy days, but there's also a newness and sense of discovery, as the r'n'b singer forges his own path into super stardom. Thus, all XO fans should be satisfied.

Take a look below as we give you the album, at a glance, by the numbers. What's your favorite song off it? Let us know in the comments.