TheHxliday Reveals His Favorite Animes, Restaurants, & Birds On "Top 5"

Mitch Findlay
May 25, 2021 17:41

TheHxliday opens up about his favorite animes, restaurants, birds, and more in the latest episode of HNHH's

Today, we're pleased to drop the new episode of our original series Top 5, featuring an appearance from TheHxliday. Fresh off the release of his new double-sided EP The Most Beautiful Disaster, the melodic artist took a moment to catch up with us and share some of his own personal Top Fives, touching on his favorite animes, his favorite places to eat, his favorite birds, and more.

"Top five animes," he begins. "One Punch Man, that's actually one of my favorite shows. The point of it is hilarious, this man can knock out anyone in one punch. But he doesn't want to -- he wants to fight everyone on some regular stuff. It's hilarious, you gotta watch it. I'd also say Death Note, it's actually highly original. I don't really vibe with the movie version that much -- if you watch the anime, there's so much more to the world...The movie kinda sucks."

"Naruto is a top one right there," he continues, crediting his brothers for putting him on. "My next one is Attack On Titan. That show is horrifying, I'm not going to lie. Did you see the giants bro? One of the most horrific things I've ever seen. These demented giants walking around chomping on shit. If I ever see that shit, I'm running bro. Last one is Avatar -- that show, I could watch over and over again. I recently rewatched every season twice. It's addictive bro, I won't lie."


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He also covers his top five places to eat, a list that speaks to a young man living life on the road. "Taco Bell," he begins with a chuckle. "What I get is a steak quesadilla, but what you don't know is you can mix it up and get steak and chicken...Number four, Harold's is actually one of the top chicken places I've ever been to in Chicago. They got the sauce bro, it's just different. Get a cool eight-piece, try it. Cause once you eat that one piece, all seven are gone. Trust me."

"Three, I have to say Ihop," he continues. "What I get, I go there and get tilapia fish. It's a breakfast place but I get tilapia fish. For two, I would say Bossa Nova. Get that cajun salmon, as you can see I'm on a salmon diet. And definitely some lemonade. And number one? The best thing I ever had in my life? McDonald's. McDonald's number one. McDonald's gotta be the highest quality food in the world. Number nine meal. Two cheeseburgers, fries, and some ranch."

For much more from TheHxliday, be sure to check out the full episode of Top 5 right here at HNHH. 

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