A massage therapist who was suing Kevin Spacey over sexual assault claims has died according to reports. The mystery man’s attorney has informed Spacey’s legal team that he has "recently passed." No details have been released at the time concerning how the death happened.

It was back in September 2018 when the now deceased male masseuse, filed claims alleging the House of Cards actor grabbed his genitals and was allegedly forced to grab Spacey's genitals during a massage at the actor's private residence in Malibu, California, two years earlier.

“Spacey assaulted and battered plaintiff by forcing plaintiff to touch his scrotum, testicles, and penis, grabbing plaintiff’s shoulders and pulling him in for an apparent attempted forced kiss, and grabbing plaintiff’s genitalia,” the complaint alleges. "During these assaults, plaintiff repeatedly asked Spacey to allow him to leave, but Spacey blocked access to plaintiff's massage table and the door with his naked body."

Given the anonymity of the late plaintiff, reports say it could be hard for the case to continue after his death.

Spacey recently got out of another legal situation when criminal charges against him were dropped in Nantucket, Mass. In that case, Spacey pleaded not guilty to felony indecent assault and battery, and prosecutors withdrew charges after the accuser, a teenage busboy, stopped cooperating.