TIDAL has come fast and furious with their exclusive content, giving us looks at an unreleased Beyonce performance, the new Rihanna single, and clip of Madonna's new video. So far, it's been a tempting, but not altogether surprising assembleance of content, but the most recent announcement is certainly it's most intriguing.

Today, the service has shared a new film, "They Die By Dawn," which stars Michael K. Williams, Rosario Dawson, Jesse Williams, Nate Parker, and most notably, Erykah Badu, who plays a central character.

While not feature-length, the clip-- which Erykah describes as an "all-star black cast Western-- is 50 minutes in length, which opens up the possibility that the service could potentially premiere full films in the future.

Check out the trailer for Erykah's new movie below, and stream it over at TIDAL.