Ahhh Thanksgiving, the time of year to sit back, relax and eat some well-prepared food and be thankful for all you got. We just posted about Fetty Wap's heartfelt post about his seven children and the early meal he shared with them and while Instagram works on restoring its full function we still managed to round up some pretty funny memes in light of the noteworthy holiday. 

By no surprise, your boy Snoop Dogg came through with some funny updates about the American holiday and Summer Walker even joined in with a share of her own. 

Unfortunately for Kevin Hart, he was the butt end of a joke for a Jumanji Thanksgiving dinner when he walked in on his castmates enjoying a lovely meal he wasn't invited to. While you patiently wait for your invite to dig in at any given family event, peep more memes below to get a laugh in this Thanksgiving.