Back when the Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard" released, there was a ton of hype around the shoe. It was a classic Jordan colorway that was finally coming to the market for everybody to enjoy. Sure the shoe was released in fairly limited quantities but it was still great to see Jordan Brand bring the orange, white, and black colorway to the market. Considering just how limited and hard to get the shoe was, receiving a pair with flaws on them would be pretty frustrating, especially if that flaw was an upside-down Nike swoosh. Well, that exact thing happened to Andrea Canziani, who owns a consignment shop in Milan called Dropout Milano.

Canziani bought the shoe from a Foot Locker in 2016 and never returned them after seeing the flaw. Instead, he figured he had a one of a kind shoe, saying "It's like winning the lotto," according to a new interview with Vice which you can watch below.

The shoes are on display in his store and he is looking to sell them for $140,000 although the most he's ever been offered for them is $3,000. It's a hefty price for a shoe that's flawed but considering it's a one of a kind shoe, he might find a collector crazy enough to pay it.