Childish Gambino unleased a masterpiece of a music video on the world last month when he unveiled "This Is America." Since then, the video has been evaluated from top to bottom by critics and fans alike. Different people interpreted the messages in the video in various ways, but everyone could agree that Gambino created a work of art. The most popular video game on the planet, Fortnite, recently recreated that art in the digital world with hilarious accuracy.   

Unlike Nicole Arbour's "White Women's Edit" of Childish Gambino's "This Is America," Fortnite's rendition of the video doesn't come off as disgraceful or cringe-worthy. WiziBlimp, which is the group that published the video on YouTube, went to great lengths to reenact Gambino's video to the best of their ability in the Fortnite world. Many of the dances synch perfectly with music video moments, and even the assassination scenes are recreated with uncanny accuracy. 

While Gambino's music video was not meant to be funny, it is hilarious to watch "This Is Fortnite" recreate the video without destroying the overall integrity of the multi-talented artist's work. If only they could have pulled off that last scene when Gambino is running down a hallway being chased with a crazed fear on his face. Check out "This Is Fortnite" below.