Atlanta Hawks and Oklahoma City Thunder fans were thrown into a sea of confusion last night as the two teams wore similar jerseys during their game. The Hawks only brought red jerseys on their road trip, despite being told by the Thunder that the home team would be wearing orange when they played each other. As a result, both teams were stuck and fans were left extremely confused as the teams looked exactly the same out on the court.

Fans immediately caught on to what was going on which led to a variety of complaints on social media. Eventually, the Thunder decided to suck it up and change into their white jerseys, which they had on hand as backups. The second half was much easier to watch and the crisis was averted.

Despite having to change their jerseys, everything worked out in the Thunder's favor as they went on to win their game by a score of 118-109. As for the Hawks, they will continue to wear their red jerseys for the remainder of their road trip, and opposing teams can use last night's events as a fair warning of what to wear in the future.

While this is typically a rare occurrence in the NBA, it is still a pretty funny one.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Sarah Stier/Getty Images