With just about a month to go before the start of the NBA season, numerous teams are now taking to Twitter to show off their brand new City Edition jerseys. These uniforms always lead to some split reactions on social media, which is certainly what happened with the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat, who have all revealed their new uniforms over the past few weeks. Even the San Antonio Spurs unveiled their City Edition jerseys although those were universally beloved.

The latest team to deliver some insight into what they have planned for next season is the Oklahoma City Thunder. With this jersey, the team sought to embrace the city's diversity while also paying homage to its industries. As you can see, the jersey is mostly black with diagonal blue and orange patches near the top.

So far, the social media reaction to these has been quite polarizing. There is a good chunk of people who think these are great, all while there are plenty of people who feel like these are some of the worst City Edition jerseys in the league.

Check out some of these reactions and let us know what you think about the uniforms, in the comments below.