In light of Mac Miller's new posthumous album Circlesa good friend of the fallen rapper Thundercat has opened up to Zane Lowe more than he ever has before on his close bond with Mac and how his death changed his life forever. During his visit to Beats 1 show on Apple Music ,that heard Thundercat (born Stephen Lee Bruner) discuss his upcoming album, the "Show You The Way" musician called last year a "traumatic" one.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"It was a very difficult thing to process. I didn't share this with anybody, even to this degree, but it's just like I said goodnight to him on the phone. ... I could hear it as it was coming,” he explained. “[Miller] was excited, we were talking about tour. What it was going to be, making jokes, as we would, and saying good night to him, and not knowing what was coming next. It traumatized me, and it almost haunts me a bit, because I told him I loved him. That doesn't specifically haunt me, but it was literally like I never missed the chance to tell the guy I loved him, and I'm thankful I did."

Thundercat said Mac's sudden passing changed his life forever. "Even if I didn't want to, it just changed me, and that's just one example of the thing of it is what it is.”