Many woke up to see Goldlink's name trending this morning and were disappointed to discover the reason. On Tuesday night (Nov. 27), the DMV rapper took to Instagram to share a back-handed tribute to the late artist, Mac Miller. While at times Goldlink complimented Mac, the overall purpose of his message seemed to be to accuse Mac of modelling his 2016 album, The Divine Feminine, on his own 2015 mixtape, And After That, We Didn't Talk. Anderson .Paak, who was mentioned in Goldlink's post, gave a scathing response that captured the disturbance and confusion people felt upon reading Goldlink's testimony

It would be expected that Mac's closest friends would step in to defend his legacy and call out whoever would publicly speak ill of him when he's no longer here to defend himself. While .Paak pretty much summed up what needed to be said, famous bassist, Thundercat, also contributed a valuable comment on the situation. "Best part of all this is Mac never talked down anyone," he tweeted. "@MacMiller was the equivalent of the 'like' button on here. Ego death is important AF. We all growing."

On a lighter note, Thundercat attempted to distract from Goldlink's post by highlighting how our energies could be better spent celebrating Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix's birthdays. 

On the one year anniversary of Mac's passing, Thundercat shared stories about his close relationship with Mac