Just when you thought the social media debate over best rappers had died down, T.I. revisited the topic on a recent episode of his podcast ExpediTIously. During the conversation, Tip was building his Top 50 list, and when it came down to choosing between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, T.I. went with the Brooklyn emcee. 

I don't think we can have both because they are a direct reflection of one another," he said before agreeing with another person that Nicki wouldn't be able to have the successes that she does without Kim paving the way. However, he made sure to give Nicki her props when he added, "[Nicki] is one of the biggest-selling artists of all time and I salute that. Impact, impact, impact." Unsurprisingly, Nicki fans didn't hold back as they attacked the Grand Hustle CEO on social media. Additionally, T.I.'s Trap Museum took to their Instagram page to share their Top 50 rap artists of all time, and from the moment it was uploaded, hip hop fans and artists were vocal about their disapproval.

T.I. wanted to deliver a message of what he thought about everyone's opinions on his list choices, so he called on his three-year-old daughter Heiress to help him out. The rapper shared a video clip where he said, "Heiress has something to say," before the toddler chimed him, "My daddy don't care about no list." The rapper followed it up by adding, "Y'all need to get your priorities together" and then he told Heiress to repeat after him: "Stay out my business!" Watch below.