T.I. & Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle Episode 8: Reginae Struggles With Loss Of Nipsey Hussle

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June 04, 2019 13:51
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This is our weekly show recap of "T.I. & Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle."

In this week's T.I. And Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle episode, Monica finally goes under the knife to deal with her feet, Reginae Carter struggles to deal with the shocking loss of Nipsey Hussle, T.I., Tiny and co. take a family vacation to Hawaii and more.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

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Lunch With The Ladies

Committed to building their bond and checking in each other, Toya, LeToya, Tiny and Monica put time aside in their busy schedules to get together for lunch in downtown Atlanta. After Toya gushes about her successful Weight No More campaign in New Orleans, Monica feels the need to apologize for her absence. In addition to her personal life imploding, she lets the girls know that there's no way she could have even hobbled her way through a 5k walk/run because of the issues she's been having with her feet. 

After the ladies catch up, the conversation turns serious as they check in with Monica's ongoing divorce. 

"Takin' it one day at a time," says Monica, out in public for the first time since announcing her split from husband Shannon Brown. "I did everything I could to make sure it stays private. We had been married for, what...almost six months before anyone even knew...and and before we had an actual wedding ceremony. I have children and my first order of business and responsibility really is just to make sure they're straight and unfortunately, people find ways to profit off of your pain." 

Keeping the conversation serious, the ladies then discuss the tragedy of Nipsey Hussle's untimely passing. "Nipsey's passing... it's not just a big impact on the music community, but just on the community period," says LeToya. "This man was using his platform to do something positive."

Toya adds that her daughter, Reginae is deeply impacted by Nipsey's death and is having a hard time processing it. As her father, Lil Wayne also has a child with Lauren London, Nipsey's longtime partner, Reginae is completely torn up navigating the grief with her half-brother. "She's been in this dark place ever since," says Toya.

King's On Tour 

Despite the fact that Tip never gave King his permission to go on tour with hip-hop collective Members Only, Tiny put her foot down and made the executive decision to let her son go off on his own. Conveniently, Tip was away on business in Atlanta when Tiny made this decision. As the duo pack for their upcoming family trip to Hawaii, T.I. prods his wife for information about where their son is and why he's off traveling by himself at such a young age. 

"That ain't the way this gonna roll," says Tip, upset with Tiny's manipulation. 


Today's the big day-- the day that Monica goes under the knife to finally tackle her bunions. Plagued by pain for as long as she can remember, Monica is nervous about the potential fallout from the procedure (delayed tour, recovery problems, etc.) but is mostly relieved to life her life pain-free. Thankfully, the surgery went smoothly, but in recovery, Monica's blood pressure went through the roof so she's stuck in the hospital longer than expected in order to keep a close eye on any potential complications. While visiting Monica in the hospital, Toya breaks down about about Reginae's current state of mind. "She is just so upset over Nipsey's murder," says Toya. "She's calling crying and having this little meltdown." Referencing a social media post that Nae uploaded in reference to her half-brother, Toya reveals that her daughter has been dragged all over the internet for her public display of grief. "Sometimes that shit really breaks me down," says Toya. "I don't want my child to ever feel that the world is tearin' her apart. She is just a fucking young girl that's grown and learnin' as she go...the world is so evil. I hate it." 

More than aware of the perils of social media, LeToya and a bed-bound Monica rally around Toya and offer their support. "She got a good tribe of women around her," says LeToya.


In need of some stress-free family time, the Harris family heads to Hawaii to relax and unwind. "It's very rare that I just get a chance to have drinks, soak up the scenery and chill without a real agenda," says Tip, more than ready for a vacation. "Togetherness is good for all of us, even when it's forced togetherness." When King arrives a day into their shared vacation ready to share stories and videos of his last few days on the road, Tiny is uncomfortable learning that her son is exposed to groupies at such a young age. Confident in his protests against King going on tour, Tip sits back and gives off an "I told you so" vibe, much to his wife's chagrin. 

After voicing her concerns about King being off on his own, the conversation turns heated after she insists that her son has a designated guardian with him while out on the road. Convinced that he's "grown," despite the fact that he's barely a teenager himself, King walks off in a huff. 

During a later conversation on the beach, King rats himself out by revealing that he is, in fact, sexually active. 

Yikes. After that reveal, you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. Now wise to King's behavior, new rules are put in place for his continued appearances on tour with Members Only.

Back In The Studio 

Unsure if she'll be returning to her drama series Greenleaf, LeToya turns her attention to revamping her music career.

As it's been years since she's recorded music, LeToya is understandably nervous about getting back in the game and is concerned that she won't have any relatable energy to share with the world. After biting the bullet and hopping back in the studio, Letoya show up and shows out behind the mic. Sis definitely still has it.  

Mother-Daughter Time

Toya and her daughter Reginae make time to have a sit-down with one another and really level with each other about all of the changes going on around them. As expected, Reginae lets her mother know just how difficult it is for her to process Nipsey's death as she was just chatting with Lauren London the other week and now, suddenly-- her lifetime partner has been ripped from this world so unjustly. Inspired to make a change within herself, Reginae tells Toya just how desperately she's craving a deeper relationship with her father, Lil Wayne. Unfortunately, Nae's self-reflection caused a rift with her relationship with YFN Lucci as well, as he revealed intimate details of their personal conversations to the Twitterverse. "That's just humiliating," says Nae. "Bro, get off the internet." 

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