Having "the talk" with parents might be one of the most awkward parts of growing up. T.I. and Tiny took this uncomfortable situation to a whole new level for King as his lesson was filmed and televised on their reality television show T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle. Since the couple longer does their parenting under one roof, they scheduled a family dinner to broach the subject with King.

The youngin had just begun interacting with a special girl and his parents wanted to make sure he went about it the right way. He got some flack for shopping for his love interest, buying her two outfits. He figured the "risk" might be worth it. T.I. wasn't having it, stating that this gesture was "too much," while Tiny affirmed that their child picked up this love language by watching his father. According to him, King should follow his example only after acquiring more maturity: "He must learn to use the force before he starts to use the force."

During the conversation, the rapper gave some advice through a funny saying: "Don't let a temporary itch dig you out a permanent ditch." The talk ended with Tiny and T.I. agreeing to extend the conversation to the girl's family, "set up a meet the parents or somethin'."

Watch the clip below (click full screen).