Whether T.I. and Tiny officially get back together or continue to go along their own path as recent rumours have suggested, they did have to come together to tackle a recent debt that totaled around one million dollars. 

The Blast got their hands on documents that prove T.I. and Tiny paid a shocking $1,397,283.47 that was owed to the IRS. The debt was attributed to the income they both reeled in from the year 2012. The publication reports that Tiny is off the hook when it comes to owing more tax money, but the “Rubberband Man” still owes $3,173,476.39 from his 2013 income and $1,640,664.90 from 2014. 

As we recently posted, Tiny reportedly extended her mortgage plan on the house she moved into when her and T.I. first split back in 2014. Although it's a small move, it does prove that there may be no plans to move back in with T.I. and they may continue to co-parent in separate homes. 

We recently made a gallery of just a few photos showing off T.I. and Tiny's children and their own little Hustle Gang. You can peep that here.