He shared his thoughts regarding the sexual assault allegations that currently plague him and his wife on his track "What It's Come To," and now T.I. seems to address his legal woes from the pulpit. A global audience has witnessed as the increasing allegations against T.I. and Tiny has given the music world pause. T.I. and Tiny are known as Atlanta royalty and social justice advocates, but it's been reported that two dozen women have accused them of drugging, rape, sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct. The pair of artists have continued to deny the accusations and on "What It's Come To," T.I. rapped that he would exhaust all legal avenues to avenge his name.

A clip of the couple at a church has surfaced and it seems that Tiny was being honored by her congregation. As she addressed the crowd, Tiny noted that she's not the best public speaker so her husband took over.

T.I., Tiny, Church
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"More than knowing us as human beings, they know our hearts," said T.I. while holding young Heiress. "And they know how much we are first on the frontlines to do for whoever needs to be done for and to sacrifice a part of ourselves to give to others. Because that's how we were raised. We come from good stock, ya dig what I'm saying?"

"This started—it was seeds planted," he continued. T.I. added that they "didn't just roll out of bed" and become who they are. The congregation gave them applause and agreeance, letting the couple know that they're supported. Meanwhile, an investigation into T.I. and Tiny in Las Vegas has been closed while another in Los Angeles has reportedly recently launched. 

Check out the clip of the couple below.

T.I., Tiny, Church, Allegations