T.I. and Tiny have had, at least as far as the public's perception goes, an up-and-down go of their marriage in the past year or so. After divorce filings were made in 2016, the couple seem to have reconciled to the point where the paperwork was never finished off. The word around town is that the two are still trying to work things out and, judging from the details that Tiny let slip during a recent concert set, attempting to keep things spicy in the bedroom.

According to BETMrs. Harris helped to kick off the The Great Xscape Tour in style while the group performed in New York when some juicy info was let slip. During a pause in her portion of the set, the singer broke out some seriously provocative dance moves on stage. Prior to doing so, however, she was able to reveal some cheeky details about what goes on when she and T.I. get some alone time in the bedroom. "Y'all know, I'm dealing with a king, right?" she said. "So, in the bedroom we like to keep it hood and sexy."

What came next were some well-choreographed and precisely executed twerk-style dance moves, done to the tune of Cardi B's "No Limit." The crowd, reportedly quite enthused with the display, cheered Tiny on as she powered through the steps. T.I. has not officially commented on the bedroom details but those kind of moves will surely aid in setting any future romantic environments between him and Tiny.

Check out a video clip from Tiny's performance at the show below.