After an extended period kicking back in his luxurious home, enjoying the spoils of "two good songs," T.I. recently took a moment to express his disgust on Instagram. Upon discovering that (originally free) tickets for Nipsey Hussle's upcoming memorial have been hitting the resale market for obscene prices, Tip let his feelings be known. "Summo LAME SH*T I knowlil bro wouldn’t have stood for," he writes, sharing an image of an eBay screenshot. "Y’all no morals,no standards having ,no self respect ass ni**as!!!!"

While some have attempted to flip the free tickets for a hiked-up price, it would appear that their best efforts are being thwarted by ticket distributor AXS. As of now, tickets have been made non-transferable, though that likely won't stop uninformed fans from making dubious purchases on Craigslist. Though many of the reselling ticket ads have been flagged accordingly, some may slip through the cracks.

Either way, T.I remains appalled at the lack of morality, and rightfully so. After all, this is a memorial service, where respects ought to be paid. It should be an honor to attend, and yet, some have chosen to squander the opportunity in favor of a quick buck. Nip's memorial is set to begin at 10 AM Cali time, at the Staples Center downtown. After the service, Nipsey Hussle's casket will be driven for 25 miles through the streets of Los Angeles